Emperor Number 4


–        Aries, Mars, fire, cardinal – eliminate obstacles, start things, take charge

–        Head, face, ‘I am’, aggression, driven, male energy, stability, virile

–        Son of Morning, complement to Empress. Represents desire to complement Empress virility and bring order to Empress chaotic creativity

–        Control, pioneer, build, travel, Animus, patriarch

–        Power, authority, father, experience, wisdom

–        Crown regal with globe – earthly dimension of power

–        Eagle – intelligence, mental activity precedes any action

–        Even though Lord of Material World, projects self into future acting for community represented,  moral integrity

–        Sculpt character using admirable qualities as inspiration

–        Rams head: ability to build and dominate – children, family, objects, business, nations, protector, master, all-powerful

–        Focus on having no authoritarian or arrogant attitudes

–        Imposing figure, heavy, armour, defend people, mountains, stability

–        Throne = power, massive, a glorified altar because Emperor sacrifices self for the sake of people, cubical stone, indestructible

–        Was scepter (vas scepter) – scepter of Gods, power, dominion, prosperity, health, happiness – when carried by a God, the dead or the living as higher ups regalia during formal occasions. Osiris/ Ptah(builder/ artists God) Was/ Vas is Djed – column/ stability, 4 lines mans backbone and Ankh/ crux ansata: balance of male/ female, power in all directions over earth, eternal life of empire, initiatory rites, key to ‘Mysteries of Eternity’, sexual union, procreation into physical world/initiation into spiritual world

–        Sulphur and Mercury – parents of all metals, sulphur + oxygen = blue flame, sulphur dioxide

–        Uraeus: head-dress with snake –  royalty, deity, authority, symbol for goddess Wadjet, When worn by a male indicates protection/ claim over land –  legitimacy, royal symbol, spit fire at enemies

Number 4

–        Cancer – Chariot, Moon-Priestess, Leo and Scorpio lucky number, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus-Taurus extrovert, Jupiter

–        Water, breast, green, fate number – no control at times

–        I feel, fence/ cheth, tent wall, past foundation – building strong

–        Speech, inner home life, relatives, family

–        Mother, domestic possessions

–        Moon/ Cancer/ luxury, Jupiter/ Libra/ truce, Sun/ Capricorn/ power, Venus/ Aries/ completion

–        Mercy, create healthy relationships, order, steady growth

–        Stability, completion, justice, focus, cerebral

–        Earth, humanity, square/ Cross country, perfect tempo, heartbeat

–        4 Cardinal points North/ South/ East/ West, 4 winds/ phases of Moon/ seasons/ elements Earth/ Air/ Fire/ Water, blood groups O/ A/ B/ AB, caste systems in India

–        Perfection, tetrad/ God

–        Tetraphobia – common in East Asia/ China/Japan/ Taiwan. Fear of number 4,  word pronounced the same as word for death – Shi

–        4 thieves vinegar – during plague in France consumed by thieves so they could rob the dead – thyme/ sage/ rosemary/ lavender

–        Clumsiness, lazy, dull, slow, dislikes change

–        Pillars of society, practical, organized, cautious

–        Beryllium is atomic number 4 on Periodic Table of Elements. Steel grey, strong, alkaline, lightweight, non-magnetic hard metal that is brittle at room temperature. Found as a compound in the Earth’s crust, igneous (volcanic) rock, soil, atmosphere, water; and gemstones such as the beryls aquamarine, emerald, chrysoberyl and morganite. When added to metal products improves them because it does not oxidise easily, resistant to certain acids, makes it stronger/ harder/ resist sparking, has high thermal conductivity and resistance (important for nuclear applications), adds flexibility along with stiffness, sound conductor, transparent to most wavelengths of x-rays and gamma rays. Used in radar systems, cell phones, cameras, satellites, specialized tools, aerospace and aircraft components (gears, cogs, structure) , x-ray equipment, components used to make particle accelerators, mirrors for technical applications, nuclear weapons, laser holders (surgery for example), fluorescent lights (old use). Incredibly important element for military use. Dangerous to inhale or ingest, causes systemic poisoning and berylliosis (occupational lung disease) in susceptible individuals. Very small amounts are normally found in the human body, but it is considered dangerously toxic and cannot be removed from the body once it accumulates via over-exposure. The name Beryllium has many ancient roots in different languages. Its salts have a sweet taste and was called ‘glucinium’ the Greek word for sweet at one time. Egyptians used it as a gemstone – some of the oldest emerald mines were developed by the Romans in Egypt around 2,000 years ago. Current major producers are the United States, China and Kazakhstan. James Chadwick used it to discover Neutrons in 1932

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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