Wheel of Fortune Number 10

Wheel of Fortune

–        Goddess Fortune, Jupiter, Rota Fortune (medieval), palm/ kaph

–        Qualities of one at a higher octave

–        TARO (clockwise, completed circle = TAROT), ROTA (counter clockwise), Latin ROTA = wheel. Alternates with Hebrew letters YHWH – Yanweh (Yod Heh Vau Heh)/ God of Israel/ Tetragrammaton

–        Suits- Element symbols on wheel – Earth / Air/ Fire/ Water, formative power

–        Waite deck has four winged creatures – the four Evangelists, 4 creatures of Ezekiel: Lion (Leo), Ox (Taurus),  Man (Aquarius), Eagle (Scorpio) – the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac. They are also shown on World card – revelations, the 4 beasts. 4 figures sometimes called the four Cherubim/ Cherubs = basic virtues know, will, dare, silent and fire, water, air, earth

–        Anubis on right side (good luck, Hermes, intelligence), Sphinx on top (life’s riddles, balance to stay on top, sacrifice base needs such as sex to higher virtues), Typhon/ Typhoon on left (Greek, evil, bad luck life force in material world)

–        Middle wheel – alchemical glyphs for mercury, sulphur, water, salt = building blocks of life with formative elements

–        Salt – Typhon, go forward and back, darkness, ignorance, death, difficulties

–        Mercury – Anubis, lucidity, balance, strength, energy

–        Sulphur – Sphinx, thrill, unrest, essence, path to spirit

–        Four alchemical glyphs represent solvent of dissolution (water) plus three Principles of Alchemy: fire + water = sulphur, air + water = mercury, water + earth =salt

–        Outer circle is material world, eight spokes is Universal radiant energy and eight Sabbats of year

–        Secret, will, authority, desire

–        Wheel on continuum between Chased (kindness) and Netzach (eternity)

–        Jupiter – expansion, intuition,  transcends time ruling higher mind of Sagittarius and devotion of Pisces

Number 10

–        Capricorn-Devil, Saturn-World, Earth, knees, marriage, kingdom, responsibilities

–        Lessons, limits, I utilize, eye/ayin, mirth, destiny, public position

–        Fathers side/10th house (4th house is mother), government agencies, largest adventure in life

–        Nurture, love self andothers, career, boss, reality, life path

–        Mars/ Pisces/ satiety, Sun/ Gemini/ ruin, Mercury/ Virgo/ wealth,  Saturn/ Sagittarius/ oppression

–        Independent, self-sufficient

–        Composite number – 2 (sharing, reason) x 5 (Eros, legalized love)

–        1 (man, male, matter) & 0 (egg, female, chaos) = 10 (fertilization, perfection)

–        Totality, 10 fingers and toes, creation, number of life and death

–        Perfection, completion, holy number used for oaths, formed in triangles , Greek prefix deca/ metric

–        Length of adult hand is 1/10th of total height

–        Hildegard von Bingen – ‘give tenth child to church’

–        Many measurements of time are by ten, 0 gives 1 extra vitality, 4+6 is matter in harmony, 7+3 trinity is expressed/ universe, 5+5 two directions of consciousness – involution/ evolution

–        Luck, leadership, ride and fall, need discipline and compassion

–        Frustration if potential unfilled, symbol of wholeness, upright person

–        Kabbala – 10 is tree of life, 10 Sephiroth – divine attributes

–        Most occult of all Hebrew letters

–        Basis of decimal system, reduce by 1/10th is to decimate, increase by 1 order of magnitude times by 10

–          Binary code: 1 and 0 used in the two-symbol system for computing, telecommunications, digital sound and video

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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