Hanged Man Number 12

Hanged Man

–        Neptune – Pisces, mutable, Water – elemental trump, solitude, uniqueness

–        Feet are needle on compass, webbed, higher consciousness

–        Spirit suspended, bondage, fog, be vessel or suffer dissipation, surrender, need to put things on pause

–        Swallow head of fish, Ouroboros, regeneration, fresh perspective

–        Sensitivity, faith, despair, ideals, self- sabotage, paradox, clean slate, make amends, receptivity in action

–        Point of view – vast, far reaching into past and future, Atlantis/ modern structures, contradicting images, visions, psychic connections

–        Spinal canal extends down towards transcendence, pineal gland, nervous system, shift perception

–        Crossroads – placement of hands, arms, legs, head, self-imposed obstacles

–        Hypnotized, in suspension, requires awareness and necessity of situation

–        Sacrifice to gain, accept suffering as it is, remove obstacles, escape, gain control by letting go, vulnerable

–        Upside down Alchemical symbol for sulphur associated with card

–        Chiron – healer, healing body/ mind/ spirit/ connections to past and future, neglecting care of self, inability to heal oneself

Number 12

–        Completion, perfection

–        Pisces, 1 yang + 2 yin

–        Strong connection and identify of self to Universe

–        End of cycle where you gather energy and resources to go to next level

–        Spiritual guidance – offer and receive

–        Dynamic, energetic, leader of people, people person and do well around others as it helps to ground

–        Materialism, luxury, quality

–        Willing to suffer to achieve spiritual and material goals

–        Can give without receiving, enlightenment

–        Strong inner strength, ward off negative thinking, resilience

–        Charismatic, modest, excellent performers for all performing arts

–        Sassy, restless, progressive, needs to connect on all levels

–        Vindictive, judgemental, envious, dreamer

–        Open communicator, honest

–        Universal structures of time and space, vast

–        12 months in a year/ zodiac signs, 12 hours in a day/ on clock, 12 year cycle in Asia

–        In some religions 12 years old is a milestone for ceremonies related to next phase of life, Revelations has many references to number 12 (crown of 12 stars, 12 angels, 12 gates, etc), 12 days of Christmas, 12 Apostles

–        Magnesium has atomic number 12 on periodic table, 12 cranial nerves

–        Common measurement – dozen eggs, 12 inches/ foot long

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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