Death Number 13


–        Older decks called ‘The Card with No Name’

–        Scorpio/ Vrischika, throat, sex organs, fixed, Water, emotions run deep and don’t change easily but when they do very explosive, accept surrender to change, release comfort zone of control

–        Scorpio has 3 forms – scorpion, serpent, eagle – transition to higher form

–        Pluto rules, Mars old ruler, transition

–        Holds scythe/ sickle, shape similar to Saturn, upside down Jupiter

–        Nun/ fish, serpent, 13 is sacred Moon Goddess number – 13 Moons per year

–        White horse, purity, ultimate purifier – reborn fresh/ pure/ new, marching forward = Fate, all bow down;  including the Bishop

–        Black and white flag, black background, no light, white rose – beauty, 5 petals spirit, purification, immortality

–        Skeleton is the part of the body that survives death, looking outward – not your death, just endings or transitions

–        Azrael the Angel of death

–        Armour – fossilized habits. Invincible, unconquerable, no one has triumphed over Death/ change

–        All sectors of human race represented (children, adults, rich, poor, female, male) because Death does not discern

–        Rising Sun – immortality dies each night and is reborn, dark night of soul ending. Could be considered a setting Sun – change will bring opportunity, light, love

–        2 pillars – portal, knowledge needed to gain immortality, also called ‘crashing towers’ from Moon and other cards

–        Boat/ Ferry on river Styx – flow of energy, consequences of past, warship

–        Grey background, impartial, grey sky is a way out unlike black background of other cards which represents no way out

–        Give up all that is superficial and concentrate on what is basic, fundamental and truly important

–        Change of thinking, eliminate excess, fate inescapable

–        Commit to new, painful ego death, be vulnerable, trust process, surrender to concept of letting go, transform

–        Putrefaction, dark vessel of Nigredo, decay, decomposition

–        Thoth created life from decay at bottom of ocean, Death is destroyer and creator, 13 between Yod/ creation and Yin/ destruction

Number 13

–        There are so many polarized beliefs around the world about number 13 that there are special words to describe the situation. Paraskavedekatriaphobia is a fear of Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphilia believes 13 is a lucky number, but triskaidekaphobia believes the opposite, that it is bad luck to be avoided at all costs. Look up Sarah Winchester, the firearms heiress for an example of this behaviour although I am unsure if her obsession was due to a fear or adoration of the number. It is a powerful number woven into our global cultural fabric

–        There are many theories why it is considered unlucky. Throughout the ages in different cultures they have come up with reasons (last supper of Jesus, 13 Witches in a coven for example).  Death, failure, deceit

–        Thai New Year is on April 13th – wash away bad luck by splashing family/ friends with water

–         Represents Gaia/ Grand Santa/ Mother Earth to Pagans, Italy considers it a lucky number ‘fare tredi’ (to do 13)

–        Aztecs used twenty 13 day cycles (the week) to make up a year, Celtic year is 13 months 28 days each based on the Moon

–        Some years have 13 full Moons and some cultures adapted positively, some viewed it as negative/ bad luck and adapted accordingly

–        Friday the 13th celebrates Aphrodite (Greek) and Venus (Roman)

–        New start, upheaval, transformation

–        Must use power brought by new beginnings wisely, karmic number, control base urges/ self-destructive tendencies

–        Traditional, highly intelligent, vulnerable, loyal, worrier, organized

–        Tactile/ hands-on approach, engineers, mechanical aptitude, gadgets

–        Uranus, unconventional, modern, surprises, massive changes

–        Saturn, Lord of Time, guardian of threshold

–        Learn through pain, learning the hard way, wisdom through experience

–        Standard 52 card playing deck has 4 suits 13 cards each

–        At age 13 there are many cultural changes towards how a person is treated, laws and religious ceremonies are related to the milestone

–        13 British colonies created the United States of America, 13 stripes on flag, dollar bill is loaded with counts of 13 – arrows, stars, steps on pyramid etc

–        Ladder to Eternity has 13 steps to spiritual wholeness

–        Prime number divisible only by itself  – pure and incorruptible

–        Friday the 13th can only happen in a month starting with a Sunday

–        Aluminium is atomic number 13 on periodic table

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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