Temperance/ Art Number 14

Temperance/ Art

–        Sagittarius – Dhanus, release mental and spiritual energy of intellect, spirit/ soul/ mind (manas/ buddi/ atma), Fire element –triangle, mutable. Teacher of truth, enthusiasm, tolerance, beauty

–        Jupiter – long distance goals, expansive

–        Third eye, brow chakra, Air

–        Earth element – square, 4 corners – physical, etheric, astral, mental bodies

–        Tetragrammaton, Hebrew word, triangle inside a square/ Fire in Earth, divine side of humans, name of God, capacity for love, Holy Trinity, female protected by natural law, healing

–        Thoth symbol – Samekh, prop, crutch

–        Dreamer, communicator, upper leg, cardinal virtue, primarily female, Star sign

–        Angel who mixes Fire and Water

–        Archangel Raphael –healing, Archangel Michael – red wings, defender, protector

–        Hermaphroditus – hermaphrodite child of Greek Gods Hermes and Aphrodite, beautiful son who merged with water nymph Salmacis

–        Balance between genders, how to have what you want (example dilute wine with water), temper actions and thoughts, transform situation, see both sides, share control

–        Left foot/ subconscious on dry land/ grounded, right foot/ conscious in water/hushed mind, subconscious – material and subconscious worlds loop

–        Test waters before jumping in, temper the whimsical flight of the Fool, timing, balance, patience

–        Two cups, sub and superconscious minds, alchemical vessels/ distillation/ solid to gas, temper extremes physical/ mental/spiritual, flowing lower to higher, rising to a higher plane of existence. Stream of water is the act of finding balance, respite from suffering

–        Wedged between uncontrollable destruction (Death) and self-destruction (Devil). Moment of serenity, glimpse spiritual purpose

–        Getting ready for Devil, dissolution/ distillation etc – words used to describe souls journey, transmute brittleness to flexibility by tempering

–        Look for patterns, connect with natural flow, imbalances drift away, connect opposing thoughts, mix right ingredients

–        Iris flower/ flag links God to humanity everywhere, 5 pointed flower

–        Synchronicity, moderation achieved through experience, need the bow and arrow

–        Connects Tiferet (beauty) and Yesod (foundation); Thoth connects #25 path Tiphareth (Sun) and Yesod (Moon); crown –Kether

–        Different than Justice card, not all or nothing, red + blue = purple, balance via moderating opposites to create synthesis

–        Thoth deck – ‘Art’ of Alchemy, androgyny, Roman Goddess Diana, bees and snake on robe represent fertility cycles, fusion of Empress and Emperor, Sun and Moon, solve/ dissolution and coagula/ fixation, birth of Quintessence, looking for ‘philosophical mercury’, separates spiritual gold from rock

–        Distillation – capturing process of evaporation, precipitation and nurturing rose of perfection – health, beauty, balance, art, timing

–        Connected to Lovers card as an opposite, Eagle now red, Lion now white

–        Cauldron has raven and skull on it, the dross filtered out in purification process, rainbow on chest with words in Latin which translate to ‘visit the interior parts of the Earth, by rectification (purification) thou shalt find the hidden stone’ – the Philosophers Stone or Quintessence which have the same symbol

–        Tau cross on cauldron rim a sign for new life

–        Balance of three alchemical principles sulphur, mercury and salt. Pours water and fair in it

–        Lamen (magical pendent) of 6 spheres around neck

– Rainbow Goddess Isis combined with Osiris

Number 14

–        Rapidly evolving change, multiple decisions, temptations

–        Sign of the unexpected, dynamic adaptability required

–        Wants can dictate actions, need self-control, commitment to focus, visionary

–        Forgetfulness, lack of self-control, struggle with conflicts of interest, cosmic debt

–        Halfway point in Moon cycle

–        Considered unlucky in China – pronunciation means imminent death (yao si)

–        Saint Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the day of love – give flower, cards and gifts to loved ones and friends

–        Makar Sankranti July 14th celebrates Sun God Surya – fly kites and bathe in Ganges river

–        Silicon is atomic number 14 on the periodic table

–        Osiris the God of the Underworld was dismembered into 14 parts and reformed into androgyny – 7 for male 7 for female

–        Astral body is totally developed and fully installed at age 14, considered puberty

–        The age in many cultures where people are granted more rights and responsibilities

–        Fingers of both hands have 14 phalanxes

–        Stay grounded, express personal freedom, independence, self-determination

–        Curious, stay fixed on primary goals, loves freedom and new material items

–        Changing life circumstances, exposure to new ideas, likes change, fearless

–        Will always try new things, dreams turning into reality, risk taker, nomad

–        14 days is a fortnight, 14 pounds are in a British stone

–        Harmony, prudence, unity, act with caution and wisdom because effects of actions are very consequential and far reaching, witty, convincing

–        Experimental, can be very influential so be careful how this manifests

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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