Star Number 17


–        Aquarius, fixed, Air, Uranus, Stars can be seen at night, and also during day depending how large and bright they are. A Star is called a Sun if it is in the centre of a planetary system

–        Foot on ground – practical, common sense

–        Foot in water – inner voice, intuition

–        Large Star plus seven Stars – Zodiac, chakras

–        Eight pointed Star – strength, material manifests through ether ‘fixed’, intelligence, immaterial manifests

–        Ibis – bird, thought that Ibis is the hieroglyph for God Thoth, the guardian of Akashic Records (Universal Memory) and patron of healers, self –healing. An Ibis will not drink or partake in anything poisonous or evil so a good detector. Sometimes a Phoenix – the mercurial power of spirit in final and highest stages of work

–        Clay pitcher, breakable, ripples, streams from water being poured out, baptism, separating good from bad

–        Generosity, naked innocence, purity, vulnerable, inspiration, calm, time to shine, mind clear

–        Impractical, fantastical

–        Future orientated, humanitarian issues, public service, true calling

–        Same pool of water the High Priestess sensed behind veil, Temperance rested foot in  – the Universal Memory

–        Washing away dark matter from Tower card, water is flow of abundance, healing, refreshment

–        Water makes 5 lines = 5 senses, ripple effect – our actions affect others

–        Uranus, sudden change, enlightenment, awakening

–        7 Stars – cleansing, whitening, baptism, albedo – water washing it white

–        Egyptian hieroglyph for Star/ sba/ dwa has 5 starfish-like points, means Star of Dawn, Venus, Aphrodite, hour of morning prayer

–        Giant fixed Star with 7 planets revolving correspond to the 7 stages of alchemical process, the ‘Great Work’, philosophers gold, freed spirit. Planets/ metal from top left: Venus/ Star/ Copper/ Mercury/ Amethyst, Gold/ Sun/ Topaz (highest), Mars/ Ruby/ Iron/ Death, Venus/ Emerald, Saturn/ Turquoise/ Lead/ Hermit (lowest), Luna/ Opal/ Silver/ Moon, Jupiter/ Carnelian/ Tin/ Tower

–        Circular flow, regeneration, fountain of youth, two jugs

–        Water is the Elixirs of Life, awakens the quality of quicksilver, Alchemists Mercury

Number 17

–        Legacy, Universal truths, psychic phenomenon

–        Karmic number so actions have long term results and can be liberating, motivated by power and financial status

–        Junction where humanity oscillates between material and spiritual worlds

–        8 pointed Star (octograms) are found in many cultures. Pentacle of Jupiter, Goddess Ishtar/ Venus, eight beatitudes from Jesus – poverty of spirit, mourning, meekness, desire of righteousness, mercy, purity of heart, peacemaker, suffering for righteousness

–        Cultivate optimism, uniqueness

–        Charismatic, attractive, physical strength, entrepreneur

–        Need close relationships that are supportive and accepting of flaws

–        Passionate, entitled, difficult, understanding at all levels, competent, travel

–        Haiku poem is 17 syllables ( 3 lines 5/7/5), 17 muscles are used to smile, 8 muscles in tongue

–        Considered unlucky in Italy. Heptadecaphobia is the fear of number 17

–        Genesis– Noahs ark, the water arrives on the 17th and they land on Ararat on the 17th, Greek mythology Odysseus floated on raft 17 days

–        Chlorine is atomic number 17 on periodic table of elements. It is a halogen therefore makes salt when it reacts with metals. Dangerous, highly reactive and potentially lethal. Pale yellow-green elemental gas from Greek work Khloros (green). Highest electron affinity , will react with practically every element to produce a chloride, oxide, acid. Widely used as a disinfectant, makes an acid when bonding with hydrogen. Found naturally as a compound for example sodium chloride – table salt, sea salt

–        March 17th is St. Patricks Day, South Korea and Norway celebrate Constitution Day on the 17th

–        17 is an age where many countries grant new responsibilities such as donate blood, vote, drive, join army

–        17 gun salute, most commonly chosen number between 1 and 20

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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