Moon Number 18


–        Pisces – river quality, bonding power, sacredness, illusions, mad genius

–        Mutable, Water, desires a return to ocean where life conceived in Cancer

–        Crayfish, crab, lobster, evolution, deepest elements in psyche we hide, secrets, mysteries that do not see the light of day. Scarab/ dung beetle – they can use the Moon to traverse, protect from evil, eternity, life, roll around balls (eyes of God Horus) like the Sun (Ra) and Moon (Thoth), choices, crossroads

–        Evolve through states of consciousness

–        Beware, journeys, will lead to unpleasant but necessary surprises, courage

–        Action dependent on wisdom, error can lead to great consequence, strategize

–        Pillars – lookout, sentries, dangers, eye of needle, path to enlightenment, similar to pillars in other cards such as High Priestess, watery path, passed behind veil

–        Moon rays – 16 + 16 = 32: Kabbalah – world created by 32 ways, 32 mystery paths of knowledge on tree of life, ascent of spirit to matter. Shedding fertilizing dew – yods – 1st letter of Hebrew name of God, grace of God, small and insignificant but extremely powerful, body consciousness, rain upon, descend.  Expression of Moon can be serious, reflecting from within, shadow is repressed and unconscious ego which can be dangerous to us or others as negative emotions we project onto others

–        Mind may play tricks on you, visions, eccentric, traps, dreams

–        Overwhelming, crazy, be cautious, only witness, illusion, listen to small voice of intuition/ God

–        Connects Netzach (Victory) and Malkuth (Kingdom) the two lower Sephiroth on Tree of Life

–        Disappointment, false sense of security does not protect from hidden danger

–        Mercury is overwhelmed in Moon, very high emotion, Ankhs/Crux Ansata and Phoenix Wands held by Jackals to assist communication, keys

–        Path unclear, winding, fears of mind – dogs: domestic and wild (wolf). Jackals/ Wolfs of Anubis. The 2 sides must cooperate.

–        Waxing moon: right illuminated – personal growth, work toward change, goals, build up energy, start projects, hope. The tarot Moon has been called out as being a waning moon: left illuminated – hindrance, distraction, dark night of soul, facing inner shadow, lifting veils of illusion, confronting our projections we use to shape reality, contemplate, re-evaluate. The crescent shape is also a general symbol for the Alchemical metal Silver, femininity and various Moon Goddesses  such as Astarte and Diana. The full Moon and new Moon both have massive effects on peoples psyches since they are the extreme. Overall, all cycles of the Moon can be applicable to the meaning of the Moon tarot card

–        Silver – atomic number 47 on periodic table of the elements. Sanskrit word Argunas = shining. Soft white lustrous shining metal that can be highly polished to reflect 95% of visible light spectrum although a poor reflector of ultraviolet light. Incredibly pliable, one ounce can be pressed into a sheet 150 times thinner than an average sheet of paper or drawn into a wire 8,000 feet long. It is the metal with highest reflectivity and electrical and thermal conductivity. Around since antiquity- one of the first metals discovered, found pure in Earth’s crust and as an alloy with other metals and minerals. Excellent germicide used commercially and industrially. Tarnish is a reaction of sulphide compounds in air which form a black sulphide layer. Silver iodide used in cloud seeding to produce rain, control hurricanes. Silver bullet – simple solution with miraculous results

–        Must attain peace in order to control our animal nature and step onto the path of the unknown

–        Deceit, wrong ideas, fear, anxiety because it is guiding us in to our own hidden realms. Insincere relationships

–        People around you reflect your energy, awareness is struggle

–        Unconscious dimension where psychic reality mirrors physical reality. Conjure strength to pull out of pond/ marsh of unconscious

Number 18

–        Basic structure of life, seize the moment, evolution, destruction

–        Be humble, humility, humanitarian but flipside is brutally evil, compassion, empathy, accepting

–        Preparations to enter new phase, reflection, decisions, self-care, focus on positive attitude, unstoppable change

–        Passage through hardships, experience with wisdom, relate, focus very important

–        Nature loving, curious, quick learner, good teacher, tough start

–        Hyperactive, hypersensitive, accept reality, faith, watch health

–        Extremities in attitude towards material world

–        Activism, survivor, family troubles can cause mental health problems, combative, anxiety, poor temperament

–        666 conspiracies: in Bible Number of the Beast/ Man, 6+6+6=18 – 6th letter in Hebrew alphabet is Vav which is W leading to conspiracy theory of www – world wide web being evil

–        In China 18 is an auspicious number connected to success, power and prosperity. The Hebrew word for life/ Chai has value of 18 indicating long life and good luck. 18 chapters in Bhagavad Gita

–        Qualities of 9 doubled, in many countries an age where you are considered an adult with applicable laws and responsibilities

–        Being enslaved for 18 years is a common theme in Bible

–        Mayan calendar one year is 18 months, China 18 levels of Hell/ Diyu/ Earth Prison

–        Connected to Mars: red planet (iron oxide), similar to Earth, contains lots of Argon in atmosphere, blue sunsets, polar ice caps, old and largest volcanos, seasonal changes

–        Connected to Saturn: giant gas planet, encircled by thin/ wide enormous rings of ice/ dust/ rock, could float in water, extremely windy, slow orbit around Sun but spins quickly on its axis

–        Argon has atomic number 18 on Periodic Table of Elements. Noble/ inert gas, odorless, colorless, low chemical reactivity even at high temperatures, stable. 3rd most abundant gas in Earth’s atmosphere, from Greek word Argos – lazy/ inactive. Does not form compounds easily, becomes luminescent if electrically charged. Light bulbs – fluorescent  and low energy, blue in neon lights, lasers, glow tubes, creates protective atmosphere for arc welding, good insulator – deep sea diving suits, preserve historical documents. Strong link to aid in preventing brain damage due to trauma and oxygen deprivation

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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