Sun Number 19


–        Leo, fixed, Fire, gold, Angelica (warms blood), Sun Cross (plus sign in circle), red wings

–        Gemini, Air, yellow wings, mutable, I know, lungs, arms, integrate, mediate, look at both sides

–        Optimism, nothing to hide, dawn following night, accomplishment

–        Vitality, positivity, revitalized, victory, light way forward, childlike, simplicity

–        Masculine, sulphur, volcano, head/ resh, path of Resh connects Hod/ splendor with Yesod/ foundation

–        Green lion eating Sun: alchemical symbol, green liquid sulphate vitriol putrefies matter leaving behind gold/ Sun/ Lion, when consciousness is overwhelmed we may react destructively so spiritually need to be eaten by the Lion to be purified

–        Black Sun / Sun wheel/ Sonnenrad–  , life sun symbol with central point, unity. Stylized inverted symbol for Sol Niger/ Crows Head. Wewelsburg Castle has one made of green stone with solid gold centre

–        Black Sun (Sol Niger)/ White Sun (Sol Albedo)/ Red Sun (Sol Rubedo) – black is dissolution of body, white washes away impurities, red is wholeness, true nature, ego + self. Between white and red is Citrinitas – yellowness, solar dawn, awakening

–        No saddle, balance of conscious and unconscious

–        Banner/ rays – actions, vibration, blood of renewal

–        Apollo – Greek God of music/ light/ truth/ healing, archer, oracles, depicted as a young, healthy and fresh man

–        Horse – usually the helper, law of co-operation, grace. Naked – a new you, but be careful not to get sun burnt. Grey brick wall– wisdom, safety, leave paradise to truly live, discipline

–        Center where all paths converge, atomic bomb

–        Sun gazes out, has human face, not looking at individuals, joyous indifference

–        Inescapable influence, rays can become drops of dew or sweat depending on environment

–        When Sun shines on physical form it creates shadows

–        Thoth – Rose Cross solar disc energizes Zodiac signs and spirals into Universe, relates back to Lovers card, cycles of renewal. Twins represent Heru-Ra-Ha in dual form: Hoor-Pa-Kraat the passive child/ Kether (top of Tree of Life) and Ra-Hoor-Khut God of vengeance and destruction the Lord of Aeon/ Tiphareth (highest aspect of human). Ra is Egyptian God of Sun who rules Tiphareth

–        Legs crossed and arms free – released from restrictions of Hanged Man, dancing, wings, freedom. Rainbow – water, raising of consciousness

Number 19

–        Completion from start to finish, discerning, solitary choices

–        Independence, powerful initiative, strong ambition may create alienation

–        Tolerance, exploration, prime number only divisible by itself and 1, focus on self-imposed goals

–        Philanthropy, idealism, new prospects, optimism, new journeys, courage, confidence, hopeful, bound to humanity

–        Conclusions of situations result in new opportunities, assertiveness into ambition, auspicious number – success, honor, happiness

–        Metonic/ 19 year cycle of Moon: Greek astronomer (Meton of Athens), computation built into Antikythera Mechanism, Babylonian and ancient calendar systems, Hebrew calendar, Runic Calendar. Moon’s 19 year cycle where it returns to same longitude and against same constellation in the sky with the same phase

–        Masculine number, November 19th is International Men’s Day

–        Islam – 19 Angels guard Hell’s gate, a Kabbalah spiritual number, associated with Kuan Yin the Chinese Goddess of Mercy

–        Baha’i Faith: calendar is 19 months, 19 days each in 19 year cycles. They gather to feast every 19 days, 19 Apostles

–        Intelligence illuminated, peace between Empires, harmony

–        Japan – unlucky, sorrows repeated

–        Always need more, narcissist, never content with what they have, manipulative, corrupted by power, can be driven to murder, egoists, forceful, feared, enslave others

–        Many countries the age one is considered an adult with the laws and responsibilities associated

–        Atomic number for Potassium on Periodic Table of Elements, silvery white alkali metal that is highly reactive, dull grey when exposed to oxygen. First metal to be isolated by electrolysis (applying an electrical current as catalyst). Room temperature solid in pure form but its alloys may be liquid (2 or more combined metals)

–        Potassium is only metal that floats in oil. When burned alone makes purplish flame and green vapour, burns red in hydrochloric acid, explodes into bright purplish flame in water.  Created along with Sulphur and Silicon during nuclear fusion explosive oxygen burning of giant stars in supernovae. Abundant on Earth, found in ionic or elemental form with other minerals – rock, potash. K is from Latin word Kalium (potash)

–        All living cells need Potassium to maintain fluid balance – in humans, plants, animals, insects etc. Also found in all by-products of living things. Cell use of Potassium is disrupted by neurotoxins from snake/ bee/ scorpion bites and stings. Found in seawater as ionic Potassium Chloride

For information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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