King Court card


–        Dominate, control, deep caring, protective, stable, solid

–        Authority, strong personality, leaders, mature, fully developed personality of each suit

–        Consider that which rules you, final word, results with concrete lasting impact

–        Direct flow of energy

–        Pages – conceive, Knights – act upon, Queen – nurture, King – stabilize

–        King of Wands – high spirited, integrity, honest, family values, spirituality, visionary, liberal, entrepreneur/ innovator, listener. Artistic expression, harmony, passionate, unify, flexible, adaptable, social connections, average looking, righteous. Lizard/ salamander – renewal, Sun, sunning self – vision in midst of action. Natural leader that can change world

–        King of Coins – planning, determination, hard work, gregarious, sexual, tested, strong, rich, crafty, caring, patient, business man, controlling. Persistent, step by step, sturdy, pragmatic, brooding, farmer. Pensive, bears weight of responsibility, avoids the unknown and unfamiliar, generous, protective. Grapes – redemption, hospitality, youthfulness. Provider of material world, advice and guidance

–        King of Swords – revolutionary, brave, generous, logical, isolated, counselling, contemplative. Analytical, truthful, compassion, tyranny, oldest of Kings, reflective, wise. Strategy, regret, temper power with objectivity, sciences, math, philosophy, melancholy, detached. Authoritative figure with objective intellectual power

–        King of Cups – communicator, humanitarian, healer, philanthropic, advocate, sensitive, diplomat, charismatic, negotiator. Responsible, people spill out secrets to them, most travelled King, diversities, expand horizons. Promotes spiritual and educational programs, study fine arts. Intuitive intellect, emotional, eloquent, polished authoritative appearance, inner voice, inner strength. Emotionally balanced compassion

For more information on this subject and more check out this list of resources I have learned from.

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